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Historical Novels of the Old West

The Bullion Road

A compelling story of travel, adventure, and romance set on the California frontier of 1879, this second volume in the Tom Comfort series follows Pinkerton detective Tom Comfort, his deputy Leonidus Hemp, and their client, the beautiful Avalon Soto, on their journey to capture or kill the bandit chieftain Joaquin Cahuenga and his criminal gang. Comfort and his companions travel the state and talk politics with a United States senator, face a vigilante mob in the Pueblo de Los Angeles, ride with a 20-mule-team freight convoy, and shoot it out with the Cahuenga Gang at a remote freight station deep in the Mojave Desert. The action is fast and exciting in this richly detailed story.

Published June 2014, 276 pages. Paperback and eBook.  

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Three Days in Highgrade

In this first book in the Tom Comfort Series, Pinkerton detective Tom Comfort travels to Highgrade, a frontier boomtown, in the Sierra Nevada mountain range of California in 1878. Comfort's mission is to take charge of a shipment of gold bullion and protect the shipment from a gang of cutthroat bandits led by Mortimer Helshaw. Comfort's client is the beautiful and petite businesswoman Marguerite May. A whirlwind romance develops amidst gun battles with the murderous Helshaw. Informants give away Comfort's plans to the outlaws, and the story culminates in an exciting train robbery. This fast-paced tale is packed with action and adventure. You won't want to put it down. Inspiration for the story came from a visit to the real-life ghost town of Bodie in California's eastern Sierras.

Published Dec. 2013, 118 pages. Paperback and eBook.  

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