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The Bullion Road is Volume 2 of the Tom Comfort Series and the sequel to the popularly acclaimed Three Days in Highgrade. This well-researched and richly detailed historical novel unfolds on the California frontier in 1879. Pinkerton detective Tom Comfort and his deputy Leonidus Hemp take on a new client, the beautiful Avalon Soto. Ava is vice president of the Tesoro Mine located in the southern Inyo Mountains of California. Tesoro Mine is the largest producer of silver and lead bullion in the United States. To transport bullion to market about 200 miles south in the Pueblo de Los Angeles, Tesoro Mine pioneered the Bullion Road and its system of freight stations. This road is the lifeline for the mines and miners of the Owens Valley and is a critical element in the economic growth of the young and burgeoning pueblo. The road crosses the inhospitable Mojave Desert inhabited by snakes, coyotes, and bandits. Across this vast and barren wasteland, the bullion must travel in convoys of 20-mule-team freight wagons. A cunning, young criminal, Joaquin Cahuenga, has infested the Bullion Road with his gang of desperate thieves and joined forces with a formidable businessman out to destroy Ava and her father.

Tom, Leonidus, and Ava travel north on horseback from Bridgeport to the young railroad and silver town of Reno. The trio catches the transcontinental railroad and rides it over the great Sierra Nevada Mountains to Oakland. At the Oakland Long Wharf, the trio books first cabin passage on the fast steamship S.S. Orizaba nonstop to San Pedro. They talk politics and the 1879 State Constitutional Convention with a United States Senator and hob nob with "big bugs" at the captain's table. In Los Angeles, the trio faces down an anti-Chinese vigilante mob then gets waylaid on the road east of Pasadena. A romance develops between Ava and Leonidus, but there are complications. Ava is a strong-willed woman, used to getting her way.

Comfort devises a plan to capture the bandit gang at the gang's hideout deep in the desert. Comfort teams with the operator of the Bullion Road Freight Company that hauls the Tesoro's bullion. They armor freight wagons against gunfire and set a trap for the bandit chieftan. Comfort's posse crosses the desert on horseback, approaches the bandit camp, and a wild gunfight ensues.

Publication Date:  June 3, 2014

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The Bullion Road

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